Aug 31, 2010


I wanted to take some time to tell everyone about one of our members, Christina Flack, and the program that she is involved in.  Therapy DOGS ON CALL is an Easter Seals Alabama non-profit organization that supports, trains, organizes, and certifies dogs and their handlers to perform multiple services. Christina recently joined this program with her bullmastiff, Candy.

Christina wrote:
"We initially went to assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and schools. However, the program has expanded into our local hospitals and occupational therapy work. Most people welcome it. It is amazing seeing someone's face light up when they see the dogs. Actually there is a case now where a little kid was in a coma and he woke up when Frances (founder of the program) started stroking his hand on the dog's head. The dog has came back everyday to spend time with him and he has improved greatly. The hospitals are excited to have the program. There is alot of training involved with the program. The dog must be able to do basic obedience, pass the CGC, and pass the basic DOC testing to be able to visit nursing homes and assisted living facilities. To be able to visit hospitals, they must also pass the public access training...basically have to be bomb proof."

This is CH Melkev's Sweet Delicious Candy.  She is 6 years old.  Candy had her first visit to Jackson Hospital several weeks ago.  She did wonderful! Candy went with her friend Yaeger so the patients got to see two bullmastiffs instead of just one.  Candy recently had orientation at Baptist East Hospital and will begin to visit patients there soon as well!  Candy is now certified through Alabama's Easter Seals to do public access.

Christina doesnt usually brag on her girl but she is very poud of her.  As I am sure we all would be as well.  Just look at this girl! 

Have a great week!


Aug 15, 2010

About Us

Welcome to the Southeast Bullmastiff Association blog. We are commonly known as "SEBA" pronounced “cee bah”. In July, 1990 at the shows in Greenville, SC a group of enthusiastic bullmastiff owners held an organizational meeting that eventually became the Southeast Bullmastiff Association. With the guidance of several experienced exhibitors and breeders we developed into one of the more well known regional clubs. Many of our members breed and even more show Bullmastiffs, but we were not established, and we are not run, for the exclusive benefit of people in those activities. Our mission is to promote the responsible breeding and owning of Bullmastiffs, to provide a means of sharing information, and to have fun. Our common goal is its welfare. If this describes you, you’ve come to the right place.

We have come a long way since 1990. At this time, we are in the process of revitalizing the club. We will have two events in 2011. In May of 2011 we are sponsoring a supported entry with puppy and veteran sweepstakes at the Gray, Tennessee shows hosted by the Greater Kingsport Kennel Club. In November we will return to Knoxville, Tennessee with a Specialty with puppy and veteran sweepstakes in conjunction with the Tennessee Valley Kennel Club and Oak Ridge Kennel Club shows. At these events we will have a dinner, meeting and raffle. Also we have other activities involving the dogs as puppy parking lot matches, puppy/doggy games, etc.

Our present membership loves to camp and try to park close to each other at the shows. We always have at least one night of cooking out and spending time together just enjoying each other. Please come and join us. There is always much more food than we can eat.

Even if you are unable to attend our functions you will enjoy and benefit from your membership. Your club roster gives you access to fellow members who have experience dealing with virtually any situation or problems you are likely to encounter with your dog.

If you would like to contribute in some way, please get in touch with one of the Club Officers. We are a Club of, by, and for our members. We do not stand on ceremony, and suggestions and new ideas are always in order.

Tracy Hibben of Atomic bullmastiffs has been wonderful in setting up this blog and taking pictures and more pictures. She continually updates our blog with not only pictures of club members but other bullmastiff people showing and or enjoying their dogs as well.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Karen Cole